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Smart Furniture Side Show

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I've been bouncing around Europe, going to various conferences and hanging out with Molly. My brain is full of amazing impressions and my notebook is full of ideas. I'll (hopefully) be updating the site when I get to Ann Arbor toward the end of the month.

Today I'm at 2AD, the Appliance Design Conference in Bristol and it's really great. I'm doing the Smart Furniture Side Show, where I'm talking about my ideas and the second version of the Manifesto (which is going to be in the June issue of Metropolis Magazine--look for it!).

I'm also heavily relying on several amazing posters designed by some very talented friends of mine on very short notice: Ranjit Bhatnagar, Brady Clark,Terry Colon and Sonia Harris (who burned the midnight oil pulling everything together--thank you, Sonia!).

Here's Sonia's rendition of the v2.0 Manifesto, in glorious printable large format PDF to decorate your cube with (or throw darts at...whatever):

(290K PDF)
[Poster picture/PDF added 5/25/04]


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Furniture is misspelled ("Furntiture") in the title.

Whoops. Uh, you're right! Where's my copy editor? Oh, it's me. Doh. Thanks.



i havent been here in a while, but we all know a bunch of local furniture designers. does furniture really need to be smart? can it be? is to call furniture smart not an insult to intelligence?

the car may be the smartest but it's also a most dangerous and environmentally catastrophic piece of furniture...

personally, i think furniture should be comfy.
i vote for the comfy chair.

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