"Smart Things" references

"Smart Things," my book on ubiquitous computing user experience design is approaching completion. The final draft is done, we're working on the interior design and cover and it's available for pre-order from Amazon now. If everything goes well, it will ship in August.

The outline of the book remains largely the same as it was last year. Starting in April I plan to serialize one chapter draft per month in blog-sized portions until the book is released.

In preparation for it, I decided to emulate Adam's release of the bibliography for "The City is Here for You to Use," his upcoming book, and post the references section from mine.

The following is not a list of the best, most influential, or all the work in the field of ubicomp UX. It's just the works that I reference in my book, which I chose because of a combination of historical importance, the ideas, the availability of the material to me, and my personal interest. I am posting it here so that the citations in the chapters I post later are easier to follow up on.

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