Companies that provide information shadow/Internet of Things tracking

In writing my book, I've been trying to keep track of companies that are creating consumer-facing information shadows for various kinds of products (as opposed to the other kind of item-level identification technologies that are primarily for use by businesses in their logistics operations).

Here are several of them, and the products they're tracking:

- High Fashion, CertiLogo (a client of mine)
- High Design, ThingLink
- Food, TraceTracker (and a BusinessWeek story about them)
- Food and high technology, YottaMark
- Food, FoodLogiQ
- Pharmaceuticals, mPedigree (another BusinessWeek story about them)
- Goods in general, Sproxil, which appears to be a for-profit venture by the founders of mPedigree, a nonprofit.

There are many other companies that are doing other kinds of identification (for example, tesa scribos, but

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