Disambiguating (?) the terminology (sketch 2)

Following up on my earlier post and attempting to include the terms that Adam and Bruce introduced, I wrote a sentence using all of the appropriate ubicomp buzzwords, as an attempt to create a narrative that ties together the fields, at least semantically. Here it is, in all its gory detail:

To create a world of ambient, ubiquitous intelligence, we will use physical, pervasive, often portable, information processing objects, which we will refer to individually as spimes and appliances, and collectively as everyware.

Liz is right of course when she tells me that it's a questionable exercise, when there is no master narrative and all of these terms emerge as products of different cultures, and Anne is right that creating rigid boundaries around terminology can be exclusionary of ideas and people, but I think it's valuable when trying to wrap my brain around the stuff. Or at least it'll make for magnetic poetry fodder.

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