September 14, 2004

Group Personas in Boxes and Arrows

I'm proud that an article I wrote on group personas has appeared in Boxes and Arrows, the excellent IA and UE journal.

Entertainment, education, and collaboration software is often used by two or more people simultaneously. Each of these groups has a different set of needs and expectations, and each can be modeled as a group persona, rather than as individual users.

Thanks to all of the B&A folks for guiding and editing it (and running the Star Trek quote: I can't believe it!) and to the workshop participants for providing the excellent experience that inspired it.

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And as if on cue,

"A Florida theme park is helping parents keep track of their kids--by giving them wristbands embedded with high-tech radio signal technology."

Posted by: Mike at September 16, 2004 08:34 AM
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